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  • graphsol_em’s gossip:

    There are many more features coming to the SeeGossip platform! Keep checking in or you’ll miss out on all the fun!

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  • graphsolgroup’s gossip:

    Happy to have launched the new SeeGossip platform! Stay tuned on our site to see what else we’re cooking up at the #GraphSol office!

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  • light_cooking’s gossip:

    I’ve read (and heard) that only a few lucky people have tried PERFECT SCRAMBLED EGGS! #bringmesome

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  • cire_gamer’s gossip:

    TPCi has announced that starting early next year, fans will be able to build their own stuffed Pikachu at Build-a-Bear!!!

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  • jeso_f’s gossip:

    SeeGossip is launched! Working on more features anda new upcoming site: GoSeeDuties #bigthingsarecoming

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  • ali_angeli’s gossip:

    They’re recalling 2.5 Million Pounds of Chicken because of Salmonella! #gross

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